Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Signs of Fall

Every where we look right now we see the signs of Fall.  The Horse chestnuts are falling fast and furious- such shiny jewels tucked neatly inside such a prickly  package.
        Bringing in the bright bounty of the season to enjoy looking at and eating,  one never tires of this.  Above is a Turban squash this type we always got at my Grandfathers Farm growing up as kids.  We are entering the great seasons of spectacular Sunrises and sunsets,  although bad weather also accompanies these majestic events.  Today it is gray rainy and a day only made for curling up with tea, quilt and good book.  Such a dream- to much preparation for the cold weather underway right now, but soon we will have lots of cozy book reading weather.
      Watching the hills and trees change color is just a blessed event. Just over night the changes are incredible.  It is often as such a fairy flew around with a paintbrush over night transforming  trees into colorful works of art.  Everyday there is something new to admire and wonder at.
               I am seeing a higher than average number of mushrooms this fall. I need to get some pictures of them to share here.  They are such interesting parts of nature.  Get out and enjoy!!!

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