Monday, October 21, 2013

The Moments No 21

We have reached that moment  . . . this week . .  tomorrow most likely . . . when this Photo will start to warm my body and soul. 
 Cleaning the stovepipes first, a dank and dirty job . . . then onto the sweet warmth and comfort that this here woodpile can bring.


Anonymous said...

We've got a woodpile, too -- two of them actually. One is nice and neat like this, in the woodshed. The other, more recently cut wood and much more generically pile-like, is down by the road in front of the crypt. (Yup, we have a crypt...)

Quiltin' Mama said...

It begs to ask- why you have a crypt? Old house? Mine is 192 years and there are other not as nicely stacked piles in other places. . . . like the reject pile- only for campfire pit. Our wood cook stove has a very small firebox. There is a lot of splitting and even then a certain amount that is only just firepit worthy.