Sunday, March 1, 2009


Here is the infamous Chocolate Wafer Cake for Yoda's 9th Birthday.
It is made with Nabisco Chocolate wafers and in this case Coolwhip but making your own Whip Cream is also yummy. You just spread whip cream between 2 wafers and repeat, then cover the whole thing with more whip cream and decorate as desired. this must be made in advance as it needs refrigeration time to get the wafers to soak up moisture from the whip cream and for the flavors to mix. It is also excellent with Strawberries or raspberries on the side. Now it is traditionally made in a log shape but recently we have stacked the wafers up vertically and made it into a round typical cake size.

Yoda's birthday this year was on a Greek Mythology theme. Trojan horse invitations, Spears and Shields for Play, Pin the eye on the Cyclops etc... We did a Mythical Gods treasure Hunt, looking for pandoras box. That went really well. So we did a kids Party at lunch time and turned around and did a family party at night. It was a full day for sure.

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