Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Photo August 2008 Brewster, MA
Why is it that this thing we all have potential for being great often gets mucked up?
We are confident in what we have to share with others until someone throws in a wrench or questions what we have to offer?
What then? Dust off our shoes and continue? Often we really do know more than our audiences. We need to have a very positive outlook.

Unlike some interpersonal skills that are more innate- you either have them or not,
Self -Confidence can be grown.
You must take inventory of your self, what are you strengths and weaknesses?, What do you excel at? Set some goals, find others that have good self confidence and use them for Role Models. Practice an area that is weak. Get out there and do it!!!
Set some goals and see some results.
Are we really ever confident in parenting?
What are you confident in ?
I need to make a list for another post. have a good one.

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ren said...

I think confidence can be grown with a careful mix of doing things alone—with no one there to see the mistakes—and mentoring by someone who is loving but tough, respected so that there is a good reason to develop the confidence that will make the mentor smile.
Confidence cannot be grown through constant oversight. Benign neglect—letting children, students, friends do things alone, solve their own problems that they create through their mistakes—is extremely important. However, good role modeling on which to base actions is also important, so that whoever is trying to develop some confidence understands what to be confident about. Am I making sense? I think of this stuff often when dealing with my students and with my own art.