Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stamping at Ronald Mc Donalds House

Here are the cards that I designed to make with guests at Ronald McDonald's House last week. I find that designing simple cards is best. When they require only 1-2 colors of Ink that is good. Simple layout is also good for people that have never stamped before and it is easier on the prep work and supplies. I also like to design something that there can be individual creativity utilized in it. So when I use double sided designer papers they have multiple pieces to choose from, they become the artist and make the choices they want. Often the designs I make can be done either vertical or Horizontal so they again have some choice in what they are doing. Combine that with choices in words to use for greetings and they have completed a custom card for their personal use. It is very rewarding to work with the guests at RMH. They are stressed out and tired and often just like to watch or talk but every now and then I will have those that want to give it a try. They particularly want to make thank you cards for them selves. I am often making cards that the Correspondence Club will send out to every guest 6 weeks after they have left the house.

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