Friday, July 24, 2009

Field Trip Friday

Keuka Lake

Looking at rocks/skipping stones

View down the lake Southerly

Taking a boat ride.

As said before, all getting in the car is always a grand adventure. Just being together is part of the best part. So much of the time we spend working or at school, in activities that we do not get all that much "together time". Yes there is yelling and tears as someone touches someone etc.. but overall there are new discoveries to make, places to go and people to see. Today we saw several Amish Buggy's, places to pick Blueberries, wonderful Landscape Vistas, farmland in different hues of green and gold can be so pretty. Today was good food, good friends and an outstanding location!! The rain held off for the most part. Love hearing the rain on the roof though. Good day.

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