Friday, July 31, 2009

Spotted Wintergreen

So this is a page from my sketch book. I am afraid I still do not know how to get blogger to turn the photo around, sometimes it does it on its own and it is a happy day, sometimes it does not. Suffice to say I try to spend time in Nature each and every day. The amount and location depends on many factors. I try to get the kids out there as well and for the most part they do it naturally. Aside inclement weather they do it on there own liking it as much as I do. They are better at getting outside than doing chores! They all have sketch books and pencils, various mediums, watercolors but the use is in phases. A lot or nothing it seems but that is not that different than we adults.
This summer they are earning small bonuses for looking up things we find .. . latest was an American Dagger Moth Caterpillar this was not a friendly looking guy/gal. After consulting both books and the internet it was time to consult Larva-Lady- aka Aunt Susan,she came through for us.
The next challenge is from a short hike tonight, for the life of me I cannot remember what it was right now. We saw so much in a short time, Pilated woodpecker, deer, rabbit, Leopold frog,bullfrog, sunfish,bass dragonflies,lots of wildflowers,heard many other birds,lilypads.

Any serious sketcher will tell you that if you draw it you will remember the moment more and that when you look at your sketch it will transport you to that moment in time. Part of this is that when you sketch/draw/paint you bring in more cortical brain activity so in essence you have hit record on the video recorder. So on that note- sketch on!! Get out and get that Green/outdoor time every day,it will make you a better person!

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