Monday, July 13, 2009

ahh Summer!

Today is a near perfect summer day by my standards.
I can wear a t-shirt, flipflops and capris and be neither to hot or to cold.
There is an ever so pleasant breeze blowing, just right for clothes on the clothes line.
The mower is trimming the sides of the road and they have hit some Mint so there is a lovely scent through the window of Mint!
Smelling the mint makes me think of a glass filled with Ice, Sun Tea and a sprig of Mint in it!
The sun is shining which after so many weeks filled with rain it is a true blessing to soak in.
The washing machine is churning, Edna is squeaking her new toy it makes kinda an oink sound.
I am just about to make Chocolate Chip cookies and Big Ginger Cookies.
We saw fresh picked Corn on our way to summer camp this AM so we will get some on the way home and roast it on the fire along with hot dogs. Again- perfect summer day. There is nothing as sweet as newly picked sweet corn roasted on the open fire!

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Michelle (stampNscents) said...

Yummy! makes me want to go get the campfire going and start roasting. Miss you my friend I hope to see you soon