Friday, July 31, 2009

Field Trip Friday -

Such treats un folded for us on this hike n bike along an old railroad bed. This is one of my favorite sections as it is loaded with wildlife. In past years it included Beaver but they seemed to have moved on and what a difference the water areas are now seeing. The Meadow wildflowers are so lovely this time of year, purples, yellows, periwinkle chicory, yet we also saw the beginnings of Fall. Crimson leaves on Virginia Creeper, acorns falling early, Rouge leaves changing color and Honeysuckle berries bright and bold. The evenings will start to cool and the sun set earlier come August. The long days and nights are now behind us. Beauty of nature does not diminish it just gets different as the seasons unfold before us.
This snake was very quiet on the edge of the trail, he appeared to be a water snake, could be a black rat snake but for where we were a water snake would be more common.
As we stopped for a swim, the mosquitoes were out in full force, we could not swat fast enough!!! This summer has been so wet that they are terrible. Tomorrow we itch!!! Eagle eye on the bike spotted this Great Blue Heron looking for his dinner. They are a marvel to watch moving in slow motion with much grace. They are so quick to catch their meal that if you blink you will have missed it. He was not influenced by our presence, when we had our fill we moved on. So does the week move on . We are happy for the weekend. All our family will be back in the nest after flights to far off adventures. Tis summer at its best.

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