Sunday, August 22, 2010

Genesee Country Museum 2010

Beginning Boys Cooking at the museum was what Yoda attended this past week. It was a cooler week than when he had been at the museum for Soldier Camp back in July. This was nice working around an Open Hearth all week. They made food to eat on Tues/Wed./ Thurs. and food for us each day that was presented in this lovely dessert buffet on Friday afternoon. They made butter, ice cream, Gingerbread, crackers, soda bread, cornbread, mashed potatoes, chicken and gravy, breakfast sausage, Sugar cookies, molasses cookies, Snicker-doodles, 1,2,3,4 cake, London Maidens, Cake with sweet currants, Macaroni and Cheese with cheese made at the museum . . . .a busy week indeed. There were 8 boys in all and they all learned a lot even the dish washing!!! THe top picture shows "the spread" well part of it. The middle one has Yoda in his costume before he changed back in to 21st centurey clothing peeking out of the Brewery. The bottom has Yoda and Flower girl makign Corn meal in the Pioneer Cabin. 2 hours for one cup of Corn meal and she needs 2 cups to make bread. That would be a childs job - to make / grind the corn in to corn meal. It is always a wonderful time to visit the village, it has a very calming effect. We visited Jones Farm House and the Pioneer Cabin while there and they were making Irish Pickles, Elderberry Pie, Butter, Apple Pie. Elderberry jam at Jones Farm. The Jones Farm House is the vintage of our home. Circa 1822

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