Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Look who is visiting . . .

So, this here lady Mantis has come for her annual or so it seems late summer visit. This is the itme of year that we always see them. Frequently they set up residence near the back door. This one was on the deck in a pot of Coleus/ Mint. She does hunt her prey and does it mostly visually - thus her large eyes that articulate in most every direction. they mainly hunt by day and can also fly when necessary. The Chrysalis that they leave behind seem to hatch around the 4th of July up here. They grow rapidly and change out of their body multiple times in a season, changing their diet when needed. they love to eat insects but can also eat lizards, snakes and other pests. I can't quite see one munching on one of my snakes but research told me they could. We enjoy seeing this quite prehistoric insect each year, but sadly it means summer is winding down, even if we are in a stretch of 4- 90 plus degree days!! Do you know how much I hate the heat and humidity???

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