Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mystery Flannel Quilt

This was a Mystery Quilt that i participated in longer ago than I care to Admit. I initially was able to get the Top all pieced in the prescribed amount of time but then took a loong time to put the borders on. Eventually due to its large size- Queen plus was able to have it machine quilted and it has spent a year waiting for the binding but I got it sewed on by machine 2 weeks ago and now am working on the final hand sewing of the binding. it goes pretty quickly when i work on it every day. Of course I am sure you know that getting to it daily is not really in the picture. Weekly might be a bit more realistic. It just seems that the days go by and I am so consumed with food, laundry, cleaning driving that I do not get to the fun important things. I mean I could really let all the rest go but eventually we would run out of clothes, food and live in squalor. The happy medium means I get less time to do the fun stuff but that we live a reasonable life in all other categories. It also means I take time to read to kids, pick flowers, feed birds and bake cookies which are all also little but important things. This is flannel front and back so it is heavy and warm. Since we do not start our furnace until the last possible moment in the fall, lots of quilts can be a good thing.

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