Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Slugger turns 14

Well Today is 14 years after Dear Slugger was born- Slugger is his letterboxing stamp named for his love of Baseball. He is still at the 2010 National Boy Scout Jamboree in Fort AP Hill Virginia today. Sounds like in order to be packed up and out early tomorrow that they will sleep under the stars tonight.

First Photo is of a Scouting outpost they did early in July, followed by leaving for Jamboree and sharing some time with his faithful friend Edna. Edna had already finished her Shark bite treat so she was looking for more. He'll be home tomorrow for a mere 3 days then off to a youth Leadership training week, home again and off on an ADK Canoe trip. This is the summer of scouting fun! As it should be for a boy of 14.

He is a caring, funny, sensitive soul . He is a hardworker, not afraid to get dirty but also loves to be clean- he produces the most laundry in the house, because of this. He is an excellent leader who puts the good of others or the troop before himself.

Happy Birthday Slugger!! We're Proud of you!

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