Saturday, July 23, 2011

In my Garden now . . . .

Lots of bright colors in the garden the third week of July. We have had little to no rain for the past month so everything is struggling. We are 4 inches behind in rain which I know is nothing compared with some areas of the country. I am pulling out lots of garlic mustard, creeping charlie and crab grass that has taken up residency but does not belong there. I like the very early morning in my garden or later at night but late at night I have the companionship of many discontented insects that all seem to want to meet me. We are on our 5th day of above 90 degrees which is not very agreeable either. Again I am thankful that it is only above 90 and not above 100 like many of you. Stay hydrated, stay cool is the mantra around here.

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