Sunday, July 24, 2011

Maine Lighthouses 2011

Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Twin Lights Lighthouse

Portland Head Lighthouse

Bass Harbor Lighthouse different view

Nubble Rock Lighthouse

Petit Manan Lighthouse

Well these were some but not all of the lighthouses we visited this trip. I believe that Maine Boasts 70 Coastal lighthouses. Some of these we have been to many times and several were new to us this year. These days most are automated and taken over by the Coastguard or Private agencies but in their day, there's was an important job. Many of these lighthouses are on remote islands or craggy ledges and the houses for the keepers are there as well. Modern conveniences would have to come by boat and would not come very often. It is a wonderful piece of history to see them and wonder .. . . what it was like to build them . . . . to live in them and just how many lives or "souls" were saved by them. After exploring the Great Lakes lighthouses - always interesting to see the Open Ocean Coastal Lighthouses. I think that this time Portland Head was my favorite but I really like each of them for their differences and the different locations that they are built on. Below is some information from Maine Tourism and a cool link to the lighthouses of Maine. Click on the link and then check the box lighthouses on the left side of the screen.
Carved by glaciers thousands of years ago, Maine’s coastline is a jumble of points, passages, bays, inlets, coves, and fjord-like fingers of land reaching into a sea dotted by hundreds of little islands, ledges and shoals. To navigate these unusually complicated and dangerous waters, mariners needed help. Beginning in 1794, an array of lighthouses was established to help them find their way.

The lighthouses stood atop dangerous isles and ledges, warning skippers to beware. They guided vessels to navigable water channels and marked the mouths of rivers. During the most terrible storms and the foggiest nights, they stood against the elements, fixed points of light and hope helping sailors of all sorts to chart a safe course to their destinations.

Explore an interactive map of the once-perilous Maine coast.


Pam Johnson Brickell said...

These are wonderful! Looks like you had great weather.

Quiltin' Mama said...

Yes our weather was great, which was twice as important being in a tent for 2 weeks. On Acadia it was cool and comfortable but when we went back on the mainland it became hot and steamy.