Sunday, July 24, 2011

Red Squirrel Fun

So I was waiting in a Parking lot in Acadia - You see my adventurous children were exploring rocky ledges and cliffs at low tide and Dad was with them and I decided after one to many deep breathes that we all would enjoy this moment more if I did not watch. My head of course knew they were safe but my heart kept leaping up my throat and it was just not a good time. I retreated to a parking lot, took some photos of local flora and sketched, read a book and caught these little devils in action. At first I did not think much of it but then it was clear that a show was to be seen. Whenever you are quiet and still in nature the most amazing things can happen. There seemed to be a whole family sharing this recycling container as they would race in and out hardly stopping at times to see if the coast was clear. I showed my kids pictures and I think they still were not sure and then- bam they saw the real thing in living color - quite a good laugh.

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