Friday, July 15, 2011

Just back . . . . .

Ahh - getting away . . . . there is this wild rush and flurry both on departure and in coming back home. It seems at times that it is hardly worth all the effort and planning but then you are there , living the moments and then you are looking back at those moments and it is worth it. We had a wonderful time. We camped in a tent for 2 weeks at 2 different locations. We were on the go a lot so there was not a lot of down time or relaxing which was a little hard for me. We had foggy days and bright sunny days. We were on land and water and were able to see a lot of wildlife. I will try to put together some more posts to show you. We were not where we had much of any cell coverage or wi-fi but I can't say I missed it. Here it is hot sunny and dry.

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