Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tea any body?

         So this was a gift from a co-worker.  She is an incredibly creative and kind person.  I love tea and I love Hands.  There is a thin cardboard base like a record album - but narrow and then the clothes pins are hot glued onto the cardboard.  She added all the tea and it could be replaced with photos.  The Hands are just fun foam.  My other co-worker got one like it but it had bright red lips as she cannot work with out her Channel Red lipstick . . . I thought this was really creative.  Marsha my co-worker is such a hard worker,  kind and gentle, a hug when you need it and always a smile and positive words.   She has a lot on her plate but finds time to do such nice things as this.   The world could definitely use more Marsha's in it.   Thank you for being such a great co-worker!   The post it hangs on is right in the middle of my kitchen - so it is front and center for a while.

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