Friday, February 7, 2014

The morning after . . .

              Well living in the Northeast and especially Western NY means that we get a lot of snow in the winter. This is expected and we are prepared. Everyone owns shovels, salt, snow blowers are optional. Every town has multiple snowplows, sidewalk plows and stockpiles of road salt and gravel. We have school "SNOW" days but they are not often used. Just one this year on a day with -25 to -35 windchill. You keep your car full of gas, travel with extra water in the car and a blanket , boots, hat, mittens and snacks if you are going any distance. The best way to drive in the snow is SLOW. It is often not you as the driver but it is the other driver that you need to watch out for. When it is getting ready to snow the sky gets very dark, gray and then if it is snowing heavy it is what we call a Whiteout. Driving in whiteouts is dangerous and no fun , driving on un-treated road surfaces is very difficult and not safe. As we have watched the southern states try to deal with this, my heart goes out to them. Thick snow on the road pulls your car, icy areas and you lose traction and begin to slide- to me these are scary but many people just drive right on through like it is the middle of July.
              The best part of a snowstorm is the morning after. It is usually clear, blue sky and wonderful blankets of undisturbed white stuff. Today was exactly that, I snapped these pictures before I went to work - to fill in for a co-worker who was out ill.
What a Blanket of Snow looks like . . .

Glad to have a short driveway when we get this much snow!!  It thankfully was the light fluffy type and made the removal of  the snow so much easier.

About 15 inch snowstorm on 2/5/14


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