Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Workign on it Wednesday

This is a Baby Quilt for a Baby Shower that I am going to on Saturday.  I still have left to hand sew down the binding and put a label on the back of it.   This was a lot of fun to work on.  I started with the feature fabric that has cute woodland animals in subtle pastel colors.   Then I looked for a pattern that was both quick and had a piece that would be big enough to show off the animals.  This is what I ended up with. The parents do not know what the sex is  - so I tried to make it unisex with both pinks and blues.  The green on the edges will be just a tiny bit once I fold it over and stitch it down.  A Cluster of books will be accompanying it. Beatrix Potter books and several about woodland creatures and critters.  Charley Harper is another favorite artist of ours and there is a line of kids books with his artwork out now. Fun Fun Fun makes me Happy, Happy, Happy!!!  I almost always give books and a toy or quilt or other extras for baby shower gifts. Back to cleaning and finishing the Great SU Blue and Orange Quilt for Yoda's bed!

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