Wednesday, September 24, 2014

FIber Festival 2014

The competition part of the Festival

A guilds Challenge to make the same pattern . . .

Raw wool competition

Shearing demonstration but the sheep were quite bloody.
Beautiful wool roving to spin into yarn or to needle Felt with

Beautiful wool

Alpacas all in a row.
  The Fingerlakes Fiber Festival is held annually.  Folks who love wool, yarn and felt come from all over to attend this event.  There is competition in many categories- raw wool, skeins and knitted or felted garments.               
                         I go to this on an irregular basis . . . This year I was able to go with a friend who had never been before.  It is really something to be surrounded by all this fiber and color.
                    When you stop to think about what goes into a hand knitted item,  it is really amazing.   First the sheep farmer has to raise, feed, shelter and shear the sheep.  The the wool is washed, prepared carded into wool roving, then it needs to be spun into yarn.  The the knitter has to buy it and follow a pattern to create whatever item they are doing. I am leaving out  many steps in each of the 3 areas - sheep, yarn preparation and knitted item.  There are just to many things to mention them all.
      There are a number of these Fiber Festivals around the Northeast- they vary in size and activities but if you have an interest in any of the areas- Sheep raising, Spinning or knitting/Felting- try to get yourself to one of them, it will be great fun and Inspirational.

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