Monday, September 1, 2014

Late Summer . . . .

Late Summer the shadows start to fall in the afternoons, the leaves of the Horse Chestnut and English Walnut are falling too.  The Thistle is in fluff, the Hops have formed and are curing on the vine before we can harvest them .  The Kale is coming into its fall beauty, the fields are a gorgeous brilliant golden hue.  They are especially beautiful in  the  early morning light. The crickets are singing non-stop night and day.  There can eb a chill in the air late night and early morning and things are starting to die off.  It seemed like a short summer in the North east.   We had a hot sunny June but then a rainy July and cool August.  It has been a wet summer up until just now.  Today I am watering a few things as every thing is dry dry dry. I am not sure that I am ready to change seasons just quite yet- need some more of summers beauty and charms- roasted corn, sweet peaches, mouth watering tomatoes.  Are you done with summer yet?  What does late summer look like where you are?

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