Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Labor Day Camping 2014

Bald Mountain

Our lovely very waterproof home away from home

Our Noah Tarp keeps us nice and dry!
Fall Beauty

Fourth Lake

Just perfect end of Summer photo don't you think?

Lovely Sunset with Loons calling on the water
This Blog has been eating Blog posts . . . I have written more than you have seen.  I am not sure quite what to think of it but trying to not get to frustrated by it.

 Obviously this trip was about 10 days ago . . . but it was a lovely albeit short getaway to the ADK for a little respite with Nature and friends.  This trip left at least 18 hours after it was supposed to- we were just not ready and it seemed to make no sense to get all stressed out over something that should have been restful.  So we took a little more time to get ready with less stress but it made for a short trip.  Of course the rain on Sunday also shortened it up quite a bit.  Heavy rain does not make for friendly mountain climbing/hiking. So we packed up and hit the road for home. Looking back at the images- it was so very lovely in so very many ways!
         We enjoyed the view and Friday evening the Loons on the Lake were so very talkative it was incredible.  We went hiking-on Saturday and visiting with friends. Our campfire on the cold night- Friday was the campfire that never happened- as we talk about it because the wood that we got was fireproof wood- it would not take off and burn for any thing. Hot tea on a cool morning, the quiet of the Lake and Forest are so restorative.  You can see we are among the minority and are still tent campers.  Driving around the campground it was readily apparent that tent camping is dying. So many campers and RV's. While tent camping although not always comfortable it is certainly simple. Although I still applaud those with RV's that are getting out and spending time in Nature.
        I think that spending time in nature is so very important and whatever way works best for you is great!  I think it is the simple aspect of camping in general that appeals to me. Time to do just one thing at a time. Less multitasking that has become the everyday of this busy world we live in. Time to sit, to think , to watch and listen.  Time to be.   May we all find this simple time of being,  somewhere in someway in our lives.

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Nellie said...

Our daughters have done tent camping, and one (with her husband) still does quite a bit of it. That is one thing we never did begin, though.