Monday, March 12, 2012

Girl Scouts turn 100 (1912-2012)

Were you ever a Girl Scout?
What did you learn - what was its impact on your life?
Today they are celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouting, "we grow girls strong, come grow with us".
I have been a Girl Scout more of my life than not. 41 years by last count.  I started in Brownies and stayed in as a girl through 12th grade. I earned the Gold Award and I traveled Internationally to Finland and Iceland  for GSUSA.  I then had my own inner city Troop when I was first out of college and following that my daughter joined up  and I helped with or was assistant leader to her troop.
I learned an immense amount about nature and the out of doors, I learned many outdoor skills, even survived on an uninhabited Island in Lake Michigan for 7 days with just the clothes on our backs.  Hard to say at times if I learned more skills or more inter-personal skills.  The friendships I made and the skills and fun we had are key to who I am today. 
 The CupCakes in the first photos are part of the 6 dozen we made for a Court of Awards late last week. Exciting and sad as the Seniors which  includes my daughter shared their experiences and said goodbye to a chapter of their lives.  It was clear though that they were all the  richer for the experiences that they had by being part of Girl Scouts. Time spent outdoors and in Community service is always character building.  Congratulations GSUSA on 100 years and may you have another 100.

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