Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This moment . . . . .

This moment . . . . . .
...I am thankful for brighter and lighter days , the sun is back at least some days.
...I love hearing the teakettle chortle on the wood cook stove- tells me just how well the fire is burning.
....Making everything green in the house getting ready for spring and St. Pattys day!
....Planning a Potato Party for March celebrations.
.......Sewing binding on Quilts like crazy
...Finishing up baskets for Ronald Mc Donald House Silent Auction at the Gala event
......Dreaming about Quiltaway in Canada in a few weeks- fun girlfriend time with Fabric and food!
...Getting ready to make 4 dozen cupcakes for a Girl Scout event.
......Loving all the signs of spring outside each day- especially the early morning birdsong but not the late night Skunk visits.
.... Liking Monday Nights are "Breakfast for dinner" nights and kids or Dad cooks- great way to start the week.
.... it is mud season
 . . . . enjoying the slow and steady rhythmic activity of boiling down our sap.
 . . .constants like laundry and cleaning floors are there daily
 . . .planning an April getaway  - maybe somewhere warmer!!!
....loving Hot Tea morning, afternoon , evening.
....loving getting great mail in the mailbox form the Post card swap I participated in 
 . . .enjoying the never ending mess and projects of teens spread to every corner of the house.

Planning ahead for upcoming celebrations

Loving that sunshine whenever we get it

 First snowdrops are back!!!

 always a project . . . . with small pieces . . .

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