Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Postcard Swap 2012

So in January 2012 I signed up for a postcard swap.  This was hosted by : Shannon at :http://musingsonrealities.blogspot.com/  It was great Fun.  Now the past several years I have participated in iHannas Post Card Swap, this year however I could not make the timing work in order to participate in it.  If you go to her link and scroll down you will see lots of cool work by her and links to others that are participating.  Art House Co-Op is also hosting an 4x6 art exchange.  Go here to check that out.   4x6 is a great size to try out new techniques or ideas. Mine were a collage on a watercolor base. I will also post images of what I received. I exchanged 10 postcards. I think I received about 8. It is great fun to get real mail!!  Give it a try sometime.

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