Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Snakes

So as I go to the basement to get my muffin tins to bake the 4 dozen cupcakes I need to for Girl scouts . . .. there at the bottom of the stairs was this little fellow.  As they say . . .you know its Spring when . . .  the baby snakes start coming out.  This is a Milk Snake some call it a Rat snake.   You find them on farms to keep the Mouse/Rat population in tow. Where our Farmhouse is just about 200 years old . . . there are no longer the big barns but the snakes remain. Every year. . . . This snake type is not poisonous but they are aggressive. They can rattle their tails and they bite and they do have teeth even at this small size.  They always rattle me when I find them as I am never expecting them.  This little guy was already headed up the basement stairs- yes, they can climb well.  Out out out he went to the garden where he belongs!!!  Today is a sunny beautiful day few and far between in the Northeast- get out and enjoy it.

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