Saturday, March 10, 2012

Other rock wall finds . . . .

Due to glacial deposits and the proximity to Lake Ontario  we are blessed with lots of rocks in and on the land around us. There are many dry stone walls, rock walls as a result. These are walls that are constructed with out any use of cement or mortar.  We find ones like this often and this one has collapsed in places over time.  These are formed more by a farmer throwing rocks all in a similar area and the resulting mound becomes a land marking barrier.  On this day we stopped to look at many of the rocks.  It is an optimum time without snakes to content with or bees.  Also all the greenery has not started so the most we have are dry leaves. We looked for fossils at Moss patterns- note another Heart shaped rock with moss. We looked at moss and lichen covered rocks,  knowing that the bare spots were where there was a quartz deposit as the moss and lichen tend to grow on the soft rocks. The last photo is of Witch hazel which is now in bloom and also called Winter bloom.

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