Monday, January 27, 2014

Book Chatterings - The Snow Child

                This book was recommended this fall by multiple friends to read.  I started and finished this in January.  Otherwise I have been finishing a bunch of books started in December . . .  

                     I liked this book. It has a very fresh setting.  The book is  set in the 1920's Alaskan Wilderness. It is a realistic story of life and sorrow and life in the wilderness intermixed with an old Russian Fairytale. One of the first winters they are there, during the first snowfall the couple build a snowchild who somehow comes to life and is a master of the wilderness. There is great love and great loss and coming of age and beauty in all aspects of this book. There is the aspect of living off the land and living from the land/ wilderness that is often forgotten in today's world of cash and carry goods.  There is tragedy, loss and joy.  I will recommend this book to friends and family.  

             This book happens to be the " What if everyone read the same book for 2014"  for our community.  Therefore the Author will be here in March speaking at a bunch of local sites and I may go to hear her talk.   What have you read recently? 

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