Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Working on it Wednesday . . .

So here we are working on 2 things . . . . the half square triangles are for a dresser top small quilt to keep the dust off.  Then I am also making a twin bed quilt-for my youngest son.   We recently redid an upstairs room, this was a major undertaking. we painted a few walls in the colors of Syracuse University.  Roasted Squash and midnight blue were the Valspar colors. It is a small room  that was made out of crawl space in this old farmhouse.  ( c.1822)  The family that lived here in the 60/ 70's had 5 boys and at one point they were all in one room but then 2 wanting room alone started to clean out this area to make it into living space.  The next family put dry wall up etc.. and made an upper bunk in this room and lower bunk in the room next to it.  It is hard to explain. Right now both my boys are back there.  They share a toilet between the rooms and each have their own sink. Generally works out good.  
For the dresser top I have not quite decided what arrangement the half-square triangles will take on.  The twin bed quilt will be a mix of 4-patch squares and large blocks.  IT goes together fast and is easy to quilt.  Right now Syracuse Basket Ball is 20-0 so they are having a good year.  Tonight is is SU vs Wakeforest.  Go Cuse!!! 
We'll share progress on this project as it starts to pull together.


emmyjaymakes said...

I like the indigo fabrics you've chosen -- they add some gravity (weight or seriousness, take your pick) to pure contrast of the color scheme. I have a piecing project in the planning stages; it's been a long time and I need to remember how good this looks.

Quiltin' Mama said...

Thanks- they look better than I would have thought and I have never ever used so much orange. It is really different but looking good!