Friday, August 7, 2015

Absence makes the Heart grow fonder . . .

Well I know they say absence makes the heart grow fonder and in a 1:1 relationship- this probably is true, but in a blogging world It alienates I am told.  I blog for my enjoyment , for a way to preserve memories or my thoughts and pondering's  so I will have times when there are more posts and then where there are not.  Believe it or not after 11 months I still do not feel settled into my new job.  Healthcare is not what it used to be, you work harder, longer for less pay, spend more time on paperwork than with the people, you are at the mercy of a computer and just when you get time to catch up - you will lose wifi or such and be able to access nothing at all.   The actual space i work in is beautiful, there are big windows that look outside to large trees and grassy places,  Of course my back is to them much of the day but it still beats a windowless room.

       This is Oren having a little Cat nap in the Catnip - he knows just how to relax!  Cheers everyone- will try to make August a banner month in the blogging world.

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