Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Growing Food . . . .

When we grow our food, we participate
 more fully in nature's cycles and form a 
closer bond with Mother Earth.  Knowing 
how to grow your own food allows for a 
sense of freedom and pride that you can 
feed and provide for yourself, one of the
 most basic necessities.

~Author Unkown

What do you grow for yourself?  We joined a CSA and go to the farm weekly to pick up our share, do pick your own  . . . We also have both tomatoes and green beans planted here at Chestnut Hill. It definitely keeps you closer to your food source and to the growing cycle of life.  The lack of rain or abundance of rain influences what we get on our share.  Cheers!  Head on out to your local farmers market.  

This is a Blog that I enjoy  Six Burner Sue  She is Author to several fantastic cookbooks for vegetables and lives and raises those Veggies on Marthas Vineyard in the great Atlantic!


conny's quilts said...

Hi Carol
Yesterday I received your loveley Fibercard by postcrossing and so I discorvered you blog. I am going to follow you. Love your flower pictures, quilts and cards you make. When you would like to visit my blog you might use google translate for it is in Dutch.
Have fun postcrossing and quilting and... all you do
Have a nice day, Conny

Quiltin' Mama said...

Thanks For stopping by, just as i was getting back into posting- the internet cable to the house was accidentally cut . . . but it is repaired and all is well! I am familiar with using Goggle translate from my cousins living over there.