Thursday, August 20, 2015


              Postcrossings - I found this website via a reader and promptly signed up- that was over a year ago and since then I have happily exchanged postcards with lovely writers all over the world.  Just this morning I sent out cards to Luxembourg, Russia, Austria and Finland.  I received one from Germany today.  growing up I always had a Postcard collection getting family and friends to send or bring them to me when they traveled.  Postcrossings randomly selects someone for you to send a card to  and then when it is received your name is released to someone to send a card to you. 
     I still try to send postcards to friends and family when we travel- just a small little piece of life that can brighten a day for someone.
        People in other countries are most interested in our postage stamps.  It is fun to make up combinations of  them to reach the international postage rate.   This endeavor has made for interesting dinner conversation about people and places around the world.  We have recieved cards from countries that we needed to do a little research on as far as location. 
               I encourage any one who enjoys writing and travel, learning about new places and meeting nice people to give Postcrossings a try. 


conny's quilts said...

Great cards you'd received. I like it that we met by postcrossing too and are both followers of each blog now!
Kind regards, Conny

Quiltin' Mama said...

Thanks- Your Blog is lovely and quilts beautiful! I realized that I actually have not put many of my quilts on my blog. I will have to work on that. I wish I had more time for quilting, less time for working and housework! cvb