Thursday, February 4, 2010

Butterfly Quilt

This Quilt is finally finished. Quilts go in stages:
  • Collect fabrics
  • Cut fabrics
  • Stitch blocks
  • Decide you need more blocks
  • Cut and sew more
  • let them rest for awhile - kinda like letting bread rise.
  • Sew them into rows and into a top.
  • let it rest again
  • Decide on borders
  • Sew borders on
  • let it rest
  • Get backing
  • Stitch backing together
  • Press backing
  • Press top
  • Layer the 3 and baste
  • Let rest
  • Quilt it
  • let rest
  • Cut and sew binding
  • Press binding
  • Stitch binding to top
  • Hand sew binding
It is always fun in any stage but especially when it is DONE! This is s simple 4-patch with smaller squares sewed to the corners to make the triangles.

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