Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Well I think the Video driver crashed on this here old computer because we have lost all images or ability to pull them up etc..

We just have to use the old imagination to see the pictures.

Today is typical gray sky and snowing here in western NY

The house is quiet let the keys on the keyboard clicking, the hum of the processor and a cat crunching on some dry food.

Kids are still asleep let for Yoda who is the early riser. hoping that Slugger sleeps in after an active winter camping weekend and sleepover to follow - massive outside + massive electronic overload and little sleep = grumpy/quiet child.

In the kitchen . . . . some baking to be had- Bread and cookies are on the list. A cherry chocolate dump cake for a Scout function tomorrow.

Plans for the day . . . bowling, ice skating at the local free frozen Basketball court, maybe swimming . . . . follow up on some work, scouting and stamping items. Hoping Slugger gets to work on his quilt for a teacher and some Merit Badge work.

We are learning . . . . about Thailand as we went out for Thai cuisine last night.

I am working on creating swaps for a Stampin Up Regional Conference being held next Fri./ Sat. also some invites for Yodas Birthday!!

So before this crashes too - I will sign off for another day.

All my postcards went in the mail, I received 3 yesterday - another from England, Texas and Penn. all are so much fun!!! Especially to get mail!!

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