Saturday, February 6, 2010

Derby Days

Well Pinewood Derby 2010 was yesterday. If I can get the camera to up load I will have more "finished" pictures.

Our Cub Scout Den was in charge of the event so it was a family affair.

Yoda built a James Bond 007 car to race this year. After the white coat in these pictures came black trim for widows and lights etc.. We had trouble getting it to weigh 5.0 but in the end we did. No weight needed to be added.

There were all kinds of cars, colors shapes, paint jobs, a few that were just raw wood as well.

We all had jobs the night of the race and were glad when it was over!!

It is a good experience for the boys in doing a creative project that has a competitive component as well as learning a little Physics behind speed, incline and weight.

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