Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fond Memories

As I came home from work one day last week this greeted me. 3 bikes and a slide by the road for free to a new owner. Trying to be good stewards of being green and of being simple- ie if you no longer need it move it out and move it on. None the less it caused a stirring of memories. I so clearly remember going out on my lunch hour in Canandaigua to buy the then bright red little slide. It was so exciting as I knew my little boy would absolutely love the slide, I was not disappointed either. The laughter, giggles and bright eyes that accompanied play on that slide are priceless. Playing by themselves or together with it, for years it was the slide that went into a kiddie pool of water and wild giggles emerged as one hit the water. One memorable spring my then maybe 5 year old had 2 fistfuls of snakes ( yep you read that correctly- live in an old gravel pit) that after a wash in some water went for a slip and slide down the always ready red slide. "well mommy, its a circus you know" " the snakes are performing"
The bikes were not new to us either, but spent many hours wheeling through the yard or down the Rail path nearby. Nothing like those first bikes and the freedom of locomotion under your own power that a bike brings. So where ever they may go and live for a while longer, I wish them hours of fun and frolic and good memories. I am on the verge of 2 teen age drivers, I do believe I will long for the days of simple locomotion around the yard.
Alas we all must spread our wings and fly.


IsobelleGoLightly said...

Bittersweet! I love how you word your daily adventures.

Quiltin' Mama said...

Yes, Bittersweet it is. I once saw a book that focused on not missing "the last time' your child does something vs so much focus on the first. Hard thing is - you never know when the last is the last.