Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring in Bloom

Some of the best things in spring are the blooms and some of my favorite blooms are these. Pot of Gold that is from my grandparents farm, long ago and far away. Bleeding Hearts ( Dicentra) and trees in bloom. I think all the shades and shapes of trees in bloom is spectacular. Some are frilly and lace like, some are large and bold, some are light green , some dark, some green and red, some flowering. The cherry trees are in blossom now and the lilacs are soon to follow. It has been a very WET spring here and cool so the trees like Lilacs are on schedule. Fruit trees as well. Unfortunately the farmers fields are way to wet to plant so many are not even seeded yet. Corn knee high by the 4th of July may not happen this year. Farmers say they need a good 10 days of drying weather in order to get in the fields. All of our rain has also prevented much of the baseball season from happening. What do you most like in Spring? and What is blooming near you?

Bleeding Heart

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