Thursday, March 6, 2014

A March Morning to behold . . .

Ah, a very cold morning today,  checking in at a mere -8 setting a record here for March 6th. Despite the bitter cold it was a beautiful morning. Everything was coated in a thin covering of frost like a tulle dress. As the sun rose it reflected off every thin shard of frost creating a shimmer to behold. Walking around outside the air was biting and the snow was crunchy underfoot.  Edna was sniffing and following all the new tracks from overnight.  There are always Deer in the yard, the opossum has returned, coyotes at times and every other little creature.   She gets all excited every now and then and runs around, with her nose coated in snow crystals at all times.  Then she is back to a slow and measured walk following up on trails left by the many different creatures that share her space.  We always walk up to the Apple Trees and check on how they are holding up and who has been to visit them.  Every low branch has been chewed off by this point.  The deer basically will eat anything they can reach. My Pussy-Willow Tree is completely gone this year  they have chewed it all  - last year after 10 years I actually had some branches I could bring inside.
Today there was bright sun , blue sky and bird song like I have not heard in months. Perhaps despite being in the deep throws of winters clutches, there is a spring somewhere.  The ground and all the Lakes around us are still frozen very solid. They say we will be below normal in temperature for the whole month of March.  At least the days are getting longer and I am thankful that I bought more wood than we usually do. We are warm despite the bitter cold. 
The gentle curling wisp of my neighbors wood stove reaching towards the heavens on this bright but frigid day.

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