Saturday, March 8, 2014

Meet Maggie . . .

This is the beautiful Stray that came to our door early in December went away for awhile and then back in ernst in Early February until we finally had to make a decision and do something. A trip to the vet so she was safe for everyone and then we brought her in to see what would happen.  We already have a dog and 2 male cats, the vet was not that optimistic that it would be a good fit.  Almost a month later everything seems to be going ok.  Maggie seems to be my middle childs cat - he puts her to bed every night and gives her lots of love for a 17 year old. She is young- like a year and very playful which everyone is enjoying.  Running around the kitchen chasing toys and going in and out of a paperbag.  Lots of love and joy to be given and received.  We are glad to have Maggie join us here at Chestnut Hill !

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