Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Blog Hibernation

Whoops - guess a little non-intentional Blog hibernation happened . . .

So a few catch up pictures of life on the Hill . . .
Out the kitchen window to the west are the Sunsets - and it is light later . . . so loving that!

Oren and Edna ready to come in - cold weather makes for lots of short visits in and out of the house.

Long Eared Owl - he blends in ever so well. Loving the ears!!

Sharp Shinned Hawk in my garden working on dinner

Hope - what we all hang onto in the Northeast this time of year!  & a mug of hot tea!!!

It is this time of year that leads to Hibernation. The Northeast has  had this cold, snowy winter that started early has been steady and seems right now to be never ending. Yes, we know it well, have grown up with it and accept it. We just don't need to always like it so much. Ready to see sprouts, mud - well not really but it is a means to an end. Ready for longer days and more sunlight, ready for the sunlight on my face, ready for less layers, ready for light colors, ready for spring!!!


Anonymous said...

We've been hibernating as well. We hear the owls more than we see them, but a large flock of Eastern Bluebirds has been descending on the suet feeders in front of the kitchen windows in the early morning. I'm thinking of using their colors as in my next art journal page -- the rich-but-not-dark blue, the vibrant russet.

Quiltin' Mama said...

Ooh - those colors sound wonderful for a journal page. I find it most fascinating when the birds come in a flock. We had a large flock of Cardinals just the other day. Majestic. I am encouraged that despite it being -8 this AM there was more birdsong than I have heard in a long time. Enough to make morning shores outside bearable!