Saturday, December 14, 2013

December Daily . . . Snowy days . . .Peace

As the snow falls it leaves behind a thick blanket of white that quiets all that is around.  It swirls and twirls and ever so gently piles up into inches and feet.  The banks of snow dampen the sound and for a short while the whole world stands still. The humans in their houses and the animals in their dens, trees and homes wherever they may be.  This is the morning after and there are no tracks at all.  This is unusual as coyote, fox, deer and other mammals and birds are abundant here at Chestnut Hill. We revel in the sheer beauty of a fresh blanket of snow. It coats all the trees like frosting on a cake. As it has been very cold out of late this is a dry fluffy snow and not the kind that we can make snowmen out of.  Perfectly fine for sledding though.

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