Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December daily or almost . . .

So this is our Mailbox post . . . and I am known to many as the "Flag Lady" or the Banner Lady" to many that I do not even know but that drive by our home.  We live on a Hill and this time of year put a spotlight on the post until it becomes lawn mowing time again.   I have had many random people over the years comment on the seasonal flags.  This is one of several for Christmas.  There is a stocking, ornaments, an Angel, and a creche with a bright star that we put up on the 24th.  You know it is December when . . . . the Christmas flags come out.  It is funny for years the land beside us was a Christmas Tree farm and during the week I would have people come to the house to ask about cutting thinking that were the farmers. Of course we  were not and they were directed to Saturdays and Sundays. The snowplows stay way away from our mailbox given its sturdy footings.

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