Monday, December 2, 2013

December Daily . . . or almost

                             This is our small collection of December mugs.  We get them out at this time of year, its a fun way to put a little special into the everyday.   Here at Chestnut Hill we drink a lot of Tea and Hot Cocoa.  Some days our 200 year old farmhouse is chillier than others and a mug of something hot always warms the body and the soul.  First thing in the morning, after school or after an outing, often the best conversations are had over a mug of something hot.   When the Wood Cookstove is running there is a never ending supply of hot water to be had.  Everyone seems to have their own special mug of choice, thankfully not much fighting over that.  Hot Cocoa is best enjoyed here on the Hill with light whipped cream out of the can and sprinkles- everything is better with sprinkles!! We still have snow on the ground and below freezing at night  but the bitter cold we had last week has thankfully moderated.

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