Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Daily or almost . . .

Looking out the window in the kitchen to the West.   

       This time of year when the December winds start to blow and the snow begins to pile up, one can never have enough Mittens.  Mittens are like work gloves in this house of ours,  we can find all the left ones that we want, but never a right. We have a large wood cook stove in  the  kitchen  (I am sure it will show up in a photo in a few days  . . .) and beside the stove is the Cast iron Mitten tree that we put all the cold wet and snowy mittens onto dry out. Works well for socks too. We have all kinds of mittens it seems, Wool, Polar fleece, down, furry leather, waterproof or so they say  . . . . I think my favorite is handknit soft wool.
             When I was young, I often picked out a skein of Coats and Clarks variegated yarn to take to my Grandma Seymour - who would knit me a pair right up. I wonder in her life , just how many pairs of mittens she knit?  These decorative mittens are from One World Fair Trade and made in Nepal.  There is a local store here that we try to support as we can.

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