Sunday, December 8, 2013

White Snowy Owls . . .

       So this year- 2013 is said to be an Irruption year for Snowy white Owls.  Their is an article here from a Boston paper.   about the significant increase in sightings.  also you can go here to E-bird to see here to find them near you. Click on the live link near the map then just keep zooming into the area that you live.  They are huge and majestic to see.  They like to hang out on Lakeshores, coast and airports or large open areas that might resemble Tundra.  Some feel they move south for food and other sources indicate that they are really not sure why they migrate in great numbers.  This owl and another were seen by my daughter along Lake Ontario.  Snowy Owls are the largest owl in North America.  A December Treat for sure.

Both Sexes
20.5–28 in
52–71 cm
49.6–57.1 in
126–145 cm
56.4–104.1 oz
1600–2950 g

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