Monday, January 5, 2009

This is an image from the last day of 2008 we had 12 plus inches of snow, it was wonderful. We snowshoed up the Hill behind us to try and see fireworks but it was snowing to hard.
So it has been a whole month since that initial post. Wow what a lot occurred in that month.
Musical concerts
Gingerbread house making
Cookie baking- loved the new Lemon Snowballs
Candy making
Gift buying, wrapping, tagging- that always seems to take the longest
Card sending- still not done with that.
Court of Awards
Board of Reviews
Ronalds house
Pack Carnival
Community Concert
Food Link
Firetruck parade
Caroling at Pinehurst
Jazz concert
Moravian Love Feast Rolls
Cookies for Fellowship
Snowy days
Christmas eve here
Christmas day at VB's
the 26th at Tompkins
Community Dinner
Chickadee trail
Central Library
Picking up.laundry,clutter, shoveling

It seemed every day was filled to the brim. there were many things we did not get to do this December. I know there were fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. somehow next year- this year 2009 it needs to be simpler. I did not bake nearly 1/2 as many cookies this year nor did I do them in advance. I did much of the baking the 22,23,24th
I need to ponder what to do differently.
I had JOY for my word in 2008 and how many places I found it literally or just finding joy in what I did. For 2009 I have been thinking of Intentional for my word.
First day back to school and kids are not focused on Homework.

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