Saturday, January 24, 2009

Three Things


This is the picture of the red, white and blue Angel food cake we made for Inauguration Day it was yummy and oh so few points if you are counting them! You just take the batter and divide it up, add food coloring and put it all in your pan, bake and you have a tasty cake! You can't go wrong with an Angel cake, it is a very versatile low calorie treat.

Today I had a little play time with my Friend Nancy, we played with some new designer paper, stamps and ink. These were some of our creations. We mostly did a lot of talking.

January Driveways- full of Ice. When you back the car in it slides all over and try walking on it- your life is in peril. Late afternoons are filled with Blue long shadows. Around 3 pm if the sun is shining then there are the most beautiful long blue shadows from the trees this time of year. It is exciting as now the time of light gains quite a bit each day. The sun is setting very south west vs in the late summer it is more to the north. Tonight is is very cold, only 3 degrees right now and it is 8 pm, the sky is crystal clear. The 3 Scouts are winter camping, 2 in tents and one in a lodge. I hope they have stayed warm all weekend and I am sure we will hear all about it tomorrow.

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Sarah said...

That's quite the cake! Thanks for your comment on my blog. i'm enjoying all my bread!