Monday, January 12, 2009

December/ January


Well this picture should be turned horizontally, not sure how to do it. The upper pieced quilt top is December, the lower one is January. they both still need borders.
I started a year long project in September 2008. My goal was/is one time per month to combine my observations of the colors of Nature- "what do i see when I go for a walk" into a small quilt top. I did not want to use what I thought but rather what I actually see. I have taken a lot of photos to do this, and spent a lot of time outside. I have learned so far that the color of the outdoor landscape changes every 2 weeks not every month. The light or lack of in the sky greatly influences the colors that we see. There is much more color in every season if only we take the time to see it. I already knew that in Nature Green is not green, there is no one green everything is a mixture of color. None of these observations is new but they are reinforced. I am using 3 1/2 inch squares for this project and finding that fabric as much as it may want to mimic nature does not. Where is the stark white with dark brown as the trees on the snow are right now? So these were part of Saturdays accomplishments. Also managed to fit in some Snowshoeing late in the day as the new snow was falling and the light was fading. The Engineer took me out to dinner with Tea at Barnes and Noble afterward. Today the laundry is spilling over everywhere. I best go to try an tame it. Looks like we will see some sun adn blue skies today! Now that is a real Joy!!

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