Thursday, January 22, 2009

Joyful Journey's


This book is a recent read for me. A just for fun read. Takes you through the interconnecting "winding" lives of the women featured in the story series. Several leave the storyline while new ones join. Makes me think about my life and the women/friends who interconnect and "wind' through it. How ever so often paths cross over and one person I know from church knows someone from scouts or such. It is always amazing how gently and distantly we are connected. It is these many women that I share my life with that give my life meaning. Some of you I see frequently and some of you just now and then. Many I long to see more often and none of you do I forget. I am always hoping that there will be more time for tea and talking for wine and sipping, for just being. I am sure there will be as these hectic child filled days dwindle onward. Then we will reminisce about the years we ran all over and share the stories that we were living but not able to share at that time. Life is oh so short and I am ever grateful for all of you who brighten and lighten the pathways that we journey. I could not go down life's road without all of you! Thank you. Journey on with Joy in your heart.

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